1. On Working With Natural Light

    Date 03 Aug 2017
    Backlighting scenario. Model: Rachel, @rachelkimcross. Makeup: Sarah-Jane Phillips, @sjphillipsmua There are many ways you can light a portrait, and photographers often lean towards either artificial or natural lighting techniques for their photos. Artificial light provides a lot of control over the final product and affords a photographer a lot of flexibility when…

  2. The Role of Editing

    Date 26 Jun 2017
    Model: Madeleine, @madeleinesarah22. Hair: Jax, @hairbyjaxx I’ve been doing portrait and fashion photography for over 3 years now, but from the very beginning I have always considered myself an “aspiring photographer”, because you never stop improving and looking for new challenges. There are a number of things which contribute to…

  3. How I Do Test Shoots

    Date 11 Jun 2017
    Model: Rachel @rachelkimcross. Wink Models. Makeup: Cherry @cherrgycheungmakeup One of my favourite things to do as a photographer is a test shoot. To put it simply, test shoots (or TFP, Trade for Print) involve at least a photographer and a model, who work together to produce images they can both use for their portfolios. They…

  4. iPhone Portrait Photoshoot

    Date 09 Jun 2017
    Originally published on my VSCO Journal. So you turn up to a portrait shoot and meet your model. You’ve scoped out the location, organised outfits and the weather is perfect. Only thing is, you pick up your camera and it isn’t working. Something’s wrong with the lens. You’re a hobbyist,…

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